iTop Extensions

Installation of an Extension

Automated Installation

Available only with

The easiest way to install an extension available on iTop Hub, is to:

  1. then use the automated installation mechanism to deploy extensions on your iTop server.

This automated installation ensure compatibility between your iTop version and the extension version that you want to deploy

Manual Installation

The steps to follow when installing (or upgrading) an extensions are always the same:

Copy the Extension code on your iTop server

  1. Download the zip file containing the extension from the wiki extension page and put it on your iTop server.
  2. Expand the content of the zip file into the extensions folder inside iTop. Important, the way to copy the files depend on your version of iTop see Extracting the files from the zip , below.
  3. Make sure that the web server process has enough rights to read the newly copied file, directories and subdirectories (on Linux this means that the web server process must be allowed to execute [x] the directories)

Run the Setup

  1. Remove the read-only flag on the iTop configuration file (on Linux make it writable [w] to the web server process)
  2. Launch the setup of iTop by pointing your browser to the setup folder of iTop (e.g. or http://localhost/itop/setup)
  3. When prompted to select the extensions to install, make sure that you select the extension you have just downloaded.

File structure under folder Extensions

The expected layout of the files inside the extensions folder of iTop is different depending on your version of iTop. So make sure that you follow the appropriate procedure

Extracting the files from the zip

iTop 2.4.0 and above

Extract the zip file as it is inside the extensions folder and proceed with the rest of the procedure.

iTop before 2.4.0

For extensions composed of several modules, make sure that you only copy the sub-folders of the zip file into your extensions folder of iTop, as shown on the picture below:

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