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Dispatch Incident to team

Dispatch Incident to team
Dispatch an incident to a team without assigning an agent
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Dispatch Incident
PHP 8.1
For iTop version below 3.0.x, use version 1.1.9 maximum
For iTop 3.x use any version
For iTop 3.1+, use 1.2.0 or above

The standard life cycle for Incident tickets in iTop does not allow to assign a ticket to a Team without assigning it to a specific Person inside this Team. By creating a new state dispatched, this extension allows to dispatch an Incident ticket to a Team, without assigning it to particular Person. From the dispatched state the Incident can then be assigned to a Person.


Dispatch an Incident to a Team before assigning it to a Person.

The standard Incident life-cycle is the following:

Standard Incident Life-cycle

Once the extension has been installed, the Incident life-cycle becomes as follows:

Incident Life-cycle with "dispatched" state

The definition of the TTO (Time To Own) metric is also modified to take into account the “dispatched” state (The Time To Own stops when the ticket is actually assigned to a Person, not only dispatched to a Team).

Actually two new states are added to the life-cycle: dispatched and redispatched, to take into account the first assignment of a ticket. When a ticket which was assigned to a Person is dispatched again to a Team, the agent to which the ticket was assigned is cleared (even if the ticket is dispatched again to the same team).

Revision History

Release Date Version Comment
2023-07-13 1.2.0 * N°6386 - Add rank on dispatch and redispatch states of Incident
2021-12-17 1.1.9 Update Spanish translations (thanks to Miguel Turrubiates!)
2020-05-20 1.1.8 Update Brazilian Portuguese translations
2020-01-29 1.1.7 Update translations for iTop 2.7.0
2018-12-19 1.1.6 NL and ES translations
2018-07-02 1.1.4 ES and DE translations
2018-01-26 1.1.3 Revision of the Russian dictionnary.
2017-11-14 1.1.2 Revision of the German dictionnary.
2014-11-19 1.1.1 Adapted to iTop > 2.1.0, which gives more flexibility for developing other modules that could add states to the tickets
2014-03-11 1.0.2 Integration of the German translation (thanks to ITOMIG GmbH)
2014-02-28 1.0.0 First version


Use the Standard installation process for this extension.


This extension has no specific configuration setting.


The new dispatched state is fully integrated with the life-cycle of the ticket. For example, when creating a new Incident, an extra button “Dispatch to a team” appears: New button "Dispatch to a team"

On an Incident in state new, the action “Dispatch to a team..” is available in the drop-down list of actions.

New action "Dispatch to a team"

A user must have either the profile “Service Desk Agent” or “Support Agent” (or Administrator) to be allowed to dispatch a ticket.

The list of teams to which the ticket can be dispatched are the same as the ones used when assigning the ticket directly to a Team and a Person. The possible Teams are defined by the Delivery Model of the Organization of the ticket.
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