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Database Maintenance Tools

Database maintenance tools
Database maintenance tools
PHP 8.1
As of iTop 2.6.3 / 2.7.0 this extension is now included in iTop, the extension as a standalone will no longer be maintained.


Tools for database maintenance.

  • Database Info (size)
  • Database inconsistency check
  • Lost or misplaced attachments (from email to ticket automation)

Revision history

Date Version Description
2023-01-18 3.0.3 - N°5900 - DB integrity analysis crashes when too many errors
2022-07-29 2.7.10 Add Case Logs integrity fix module
2021-12-31 2.7.5 Last version as this extension is now included in iTop and no more supported in standalone version
2019-03-19 1.0.7 Fix typo in German translation
2019-01-03 1.0.6 Fix bad server response for reports
2018-12-19 1.0.5 - Fix file not found error in reports
- Check uniqueness rules
- add missing <label> for checkboxes in the UI
2018-06-27 1.0.4 Add DE translation
2018-06-26 1.0.3 Fix label typo
2018-04-11 1.0.0 First stable revision
2018-02-23 0.0.12 Enable 2.5.0 menu overriding capabilities. Add Database info (size) tab.
2018-01-26 0.0.9 Analysis can be done on one class only
2018-01-22 0.0.5 The display of the IDs is optional
2017-12-14 0.0.4 Database consistency check


Adds a new menu entry in the System Menu : Database integrity

Database Information

The size of the database is displayed.

Database inconsistencies

Test which are performed for all the classes :

  • Uniqueness rules
  • For non-root classes
  • Check that a root record exists
  • Check that the root record have a compatible final class with current class
  • For non-leaf classes
    • Check that « finalclass » is the same than the one in corresponding root record (New in 2.7.0)
  • Check that every external key point to an existing record
  • Check Enum values
  • Check that all the Users have at least one profile

Various display mode are available:

Mode Explanation
Errors Display only database inconsistencies.
Errors and values Corresponding field values are displayed.
Errors and Id list Generate a list of IDs in order to generate an SQL SELECT
Report Generate all the inconsistencies and allow the user to download the result as a zipped file.

Lost attachments

Here you can search your database for lost or misplaced attachments. This is NOT a data recovery tool, is does not retrieve deleted data.

Case Logs integrity (since iTop 3.0.2)

A new menu entry limited to Administrator is available in the details page of an object having a broken caselog. It's not proposed on object without caselog issue.

Note the == text in the caselog, it's a suspect details often linked to a misalignment of the caselog index. The menu just recompute the index, it does not modify the content itself.

This menu entry “Fix broken caselog” will repair the case log index.

Note: Once the caselog is fixed, the menu is no more available.

Command Line (CLI)

it is possible to run the DB integrity check in command line interface, using these commands :

  • cd <itop>/env-production/combodo-db-tools/bin/
  • php report.php

The latest report generated if kept in log/dbtools-report.log
If you have iTop Log Management installed, it is accessible using the iTop console menu Log center

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