Data synchronization dashboard

Data synchronization dashboard
Get an overview of all your data synchronizations at a glance
Synchro Dashboard
Client Store, iTop Hub
For iTop versions iTop 2.4.0 and older use 1.0.0.
For iTop from 2.5.0 to 2.6.5, use 1.1.x
For iTop 2.7.0 or higher, use this version or above
IMPORTANT: If you have installed the 1.0.0 version of this extension on your iTop, you must remove it before installing this one.
To do so, check the /extensions and /data/production-modules folders for a itop-synchro-dashboard folder and remove it, otherwise the setup will fail.

This extension provides an extra menu (under the Admin tools section) linking to a page that provides an overview of all Data Synchro Sources (last run, number of replicas, number of errors…)


A quick overview to check the health of the running data synchro sources.

Revision History

Date Version Description
2022-02-09 1.2.0 Fix compatibility with iTop 3.0
2020-03-13 1.1.1 Move menu entry to the new “Configuration” group
2018-07-13 1.1.0 Fix compatibility with iTop 2.5. Fix wrong warning counts in table. Remove manually 1.0.0 version before installing
2014-08-29 1.0.0 First version


  • This extension does NOT replace the standard “Synchronization Data Sources” menu (it inserts its own menu “Synchronization Dashboard” just below)
  • The extension does not trace the history of the execution of the tasks (see the task's detailed status for this information).
  • The extension is localized in English and French only.


iTop 2.5+


Use the Standard installation process for this extension.


This extension has no configuration setting.


Click on the menu “Admin Tools / Synchronization Dashboard” to display the following page:

Data Sources Dashboard

The first tab shows the list of all the Synchronisation Data Sources with 6 overall indicators:

Data Sources The total number of data sources
Run Time The cumulated run time of the last time each data source was run
Replicas The total number of replicas for all the data sources
Errors The cumulated number of errors for all data sources, for their latest run
Warnings The cumulated number of warnings for all data sources, for their latest run
Peak memory The highest amount of PHP memory used by a data source during its latest run

The list under the indicators shows the same metrics, for each data source.

The second tab is simply the list of data sources.

Using the “search” form at the top of the page it is possible to filter the list of data sources. The filter also applies to the overall statistics.

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