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Multiple email per contact

Multiple email per contact
Identify sender on multiple email addresses for Ticket creation from email
PHP 8.1

You need to track multiple email addresses for a Contact? Then this extension is for you.

You are annoyed with Mail to Ticket Automation which does only support a single email address per Person? The solution is here.


It adds a new class EmailAlias linked to a Contact, to store alternate email addresses for the same Contact.

When requester send an email with an email address which is not the one registered on their Person in iTop, their email request is usually rejected, because of spams. With this extension, once you have defined the various email addresses associated with your Persons, the creation of ticket from email, will retrieve the right caller whatever registered address the person uses.

Revision History

Date Version Description
2021-07-26 1.0.2 Fix issue with Caller being a Team
2019-05-16 1.0.1 Add recognition of related contacts (CC) also by their email alias
2019-02-15 1.0.0 First version


Only works with iTop 2.3.0 and above.

Because EmailAlias and Contact have no common parent class, you cannot notify EmailAlias and normal Contact at the same time using the same TO or CC field of the Action.


This extension expends Mail to Ticket Automation from version 3.0.1, but can be used without it.
It is not compatible with older version before 2.6.12 included.


Use the Standard installation process for this extension.


No configuration required


Documenting Email Aliases

  1. Open a Contact, for which you want to document additional email addresses
  2. Go to the new tab Email aliases
  3. Create a new Email Alias
  4. Fill the form and Submit

 Multiple email per contact alias creation

You can create multiple Email Aliases for the same Person  Multiple email per contact alias creation

Field Usage
Email the email address in unix format
Contact the Contact associated with this email address
Type to differentiate:
personal: non-professional email
function: professional email associated with a function
name: professional based on Person name
Comment Free text

Moving a functional email to another Person

Later a functional email address may not be linked to the right person anymore, in which case you can edit it and change the associated Contact.  Multiple email per contact change associated contact

Notifying on Email Alias

It is possible to notify the persons using one of their email alias, based on its type for example.

SELECT EmailAlias AS e JOIN Person AS p ON e.contact_id = 
  WHERE>caller_id AND e.type = "function"
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