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Collector with multiple sources

When you have multiple sources for the same class of objects, all the mapping logic can be just the same. If it's not easy to merge the different sources before feeding the collector, it seems a bit useless to duplicate the collector and its execution. So to avoid this situation, what you can do is to use a prefix. It's value will be specified within aparam.local.xml file.

Let's take an example, assuming you have 3 data sources: Ganymede, Callisto, Io

They all run the same application and return data of the same type, except that they all collect a separated set of data. It could be 3 Vsphere applications for eg., but it does not have to be Vsphere.

Split directories

So under your Collector directory, you need to create 3 sub-directories under data directory, like this:

  • collectors
  • conf
  • core
  • data
    • data-io
    • data-ganymede
    • data-callisto
  • exec.php

Change JSON file with prefix

Then: in the JSON file describing the DataSynchro(s), you will use a $prefix$ placeholer, in order to create 3 Datasynchros within iTop, each one having a unique name and a different data_table:

                "name": "Serveur from $prefix$",
                "description": "",
                "status": "production",
                "user_id": "$synchro_user$",
                "notify_contact_id": "$contact_to_notify$",
                "scope_class": "Server",
                "database_table_name": "synchro_data_server_$prefix$",
                "full_load_periodicity": "$full_load_interval$",

Split local param file

Create 3 files containing the local parameters, one for each of your data Source

  • conf
    • params.distrib.xml
    • params.local.ganymede.xml
    • params.local.callisto.xml

And in each param.xml file, you will specify:

  • data_path which is the directory where the temporary CSV files will be stored, a different one for each Source.
  • prefix which value will replace $prefix$ placeholder in the .JSON definition file, before that file is used to create/update the iTop DataSynchro object.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

In the above examples, I am not making any assumption on which collector you are using: SQL, CSV, JSON, LDAP, Vsphere or your own…, so it's an incomplete param file. Depending on the collectors, other tags could contain a different value on each file.

Edit conf/params.distrib.xml

This is optional! because doing it means doing it each time you upgrade the Collector source code.

Usually the iTop url and credentials are specified in /conf/params.local.xml.
In this situation, in order to avoid specifying them multiple times in each, put them in the file /conf/params.distrib.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <json_placeholders type="hash">
$prefix$ used under <json_placeholders> will be replaced by the <prefix> value found under <parameters> from the xxx.params.xml file
There is 2 files params.distrib.xml which are used automatically by the collector :
The first one under /collectors is the most generic
The second one under /conf can overwrite tags of the first one
Then can again overwrite tags from the above files

execute each collector

  php exec.php --config_file='conf/params.local.ganymede.xml'
  php exec.php --config_file='conf/params.local.callisto.xml'
  php exec.php --config_file='conf/'

Configure your cron to run each collectors on a regular basis.

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