Database Maintenance Tools

Database Maintenance Tools
Database maintenance tools
As of iTop 2.6.3 / 2.7.0 this extension is now included in iTop, the extension as a standalone will no longer be maintained.


Tools for database maintenance.

  • Database Info (size)
  • Database inconsistency check
  • Lost or misplaced attachments (from email to ticket automation)

Revision history

Date Version Description
2021-12-31 2.7.5 Last version as this extension is now included in iTop and no more supported in standalone version
2019-03-19 1.0.7 Fix typo in German translation
2019-01-03 1.0.6 Fix bad server response for reports
2018-12-19 1.0.5 - Fix file not found error in reports
- Check uniqueness rules
- add missing <label> for checkboxes in the UI
2018-06-27 1.0.4 Add DE translation
2018-06-26 1.0.3 Fix label typo
2018-04-11 1.0.0 First stable revision
2018-02-23 0.0.12 Enable 2.5.0 menu overriding capabilities. Add Database info (size) tab.
2018-01-26 0.0.9 Analysis can be done on one class only
2018-01-22 0.0.5 The display of the IDs is optional
2017-12-14 0.0.4 Database consistency check


Adds a new menu entry in the System Menu : Database integrity

Database Information

The size of the database is displayed.

Database inconsistencies

Test which are performed for all the classes :

  • Uniqueness rules
  • For non-root classes
  • Check that a root record exists
  • Check that the root record have a compatible final class with current class
  • For non-leaf classes
    • Check that « finalclass » is the same than the one in corresponding root record (New in 2.7.0)
  • Check that every external key point to an existing record
  • Check Enum values
  • Check that all the Users have at least one profile

Various display mode are available:

Mode Explanation
Errors Display only database inconsistencies.
Errors and values Corresponding field values are displayed.
Errors and Id list Generate a list of IDs in order to generate an SQL SELECT
Report Generate all the inconsistencies and allow the user to download the result as a zipped file.

Lost attachments

Here you can search your database for lost or misplaced attachments. This is NOT a data recovery tool, is does not retrieve deleted data.

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