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About customer portals

The customization process described here applies to the “Enhanced Customer Portal”. This enhanced portal is available since iTop 2.3.0

The enhanced portal is not installed by default when upgrading from iTop 2.2.1 or older. If you have not selected the option “Enhanced Customer Portal”, you will still be able to use the legacy customer portal.

Prior to iTop 2.3.0, adjustments to the (legacy) customer portal used to rely on:

  • Adjusting PHP constants by the mean of XML definitions. The customization capabilities are very limited.
  • Modifying the code of portal/index.php. Everything is possible but each upgrade requires a manual merge of your changes with the changes in the page portal/index.php.

With the enhanced customer portal, most of your customizations will rely on XML deltas, which are likely to remain compatible with future iTop upgrades. Still, it is possible to code additional behaviors, and benefit from the delta mechanism.

Intended audience

You are a developper, consultant. You are already familiar with the fundamentals of iTop XML design.

What can I customize?

You can do what you want to: the limit is defined by your creativity, coding skills, and time available for that.

Depending on your need, the customization process will range from writing a few lines of XML, to writing XML, CSS, TWIG and PHP.


  • Discard a feature in the existing customer portal: XML
  • Define a brand new type of portal (e.g. Level 1 support agent portal): XML
  • Revamp the portal to your company branding (position of the menus, colors, fonts, images): XML + CSS
  • Add a very specific feature: XML + PHP


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