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Integrating iTop

A CMDB is rarely a stand-alone application. In order to integrate iTop with the rest of your infrastructure, three powerful mechanisms are available:

Import / Export pages

  • An Export page than can be used either as a web service or from the command line. The page allows to export in XML, CSV, Excel (.xlsx) or HTML format any set of iTop objects that can be described by an OQL query.
  • A scripted Import page available as a web service or from the command line to import or update iTop objects from a CSV file

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization enables the federation of data from various sources into iTop:

All these services work on virtually any object in iTop: Devices, Contacts, Tickets, User Accounts…

JSON services

  • REST/JSON services are generic services. The APIs are low-level operations (search objects, create/update/delete objects) that will be the building bricks allowing any kind of integration. Furthermore, a custom module can provide higher level operations that will be delivered through this same entry point.

Collecting data for iTop

A collector is a standalone application which pull data from an external Source, then push them to iTop through DataSynchro.
Some collectors exists for some commonly used applications, but in most cases you will have to write your own, or at least twist the existing collector to process the data that matters to you.

It can be done using this as a basis: Data collector Base

Example of integrations

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