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:: Version 3.2.0 ::

Define a dependency

Prerequisite: You must be familiar with the Syntax used in Tutorials and have already created an extension.

Define an impact analyses relationship between classes
XML, Impact Analyses
min version:

In this tutorial, we will see how you can define a new dependency relationship between iTop classes

Let's assume you have created a new class “Truc” under FunctionalCI, and that class is impacting an ApplicationSolution or a BusinessProcess. In addition you want that impact to depends on a rule which is diiferent for each Application Solution and BusinessProcess, so for one particular Business Process, maybe juste one Truc must be up, while for another, 75% of the Trucs must be up.

itop_design / classes
<class id="Truc" _delta="define">
    <field id="functionalci_id"xsi:type="AttributeExternalKey">
        SELECT FunctionalCI WHERE finalclass IN ('ApplicationSolution', 'BusinessProcess')
      <allow_target_creation>true </allow_target_creation>
    <relation id="impacts"><-! This id has to be called "impacts" to be used in impacts analyses -->
        <neighbour id="business"><-! Any name is fine -->
          <-! Specifying an ExternalKey is the simplest way to specify a dependency -->
          <-! It can also be a LinkedSet or a pair of queries (downward and upward) -->
</class id="FunctionalCI" _delta="merge">
        <field id="trucs_list" xsi:type="AttributeLinkedSet" _delta="define">
        <field id="redundancy" xsi:type="AttributeRedundancySettings" _delta="define">
</class id="BusinessProcess" _delta="merge">
            <item id="trucs_list" _delta="define">
</class id="ApplicationSolution" _delta="merge">
            <item id="trucs_list" _delta="define">
Fields of type AttributeRedundancySettings don't have to be added to the <presentation>, they are automatically displayed on the corresponding tab
Limitation: defining AttributeRedundancySettings and AttributeLinkedSet fields on another class than the one pointed by the <attribute> within the <neighbour>, such as ApplicationSolution and BusinessProcess does not work
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