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Hide Impact Analyses or Dashboard tab

Prerequisite: You must be familiar with the Syntax used in Tutorials and have already created an extension.

Hide Impact Analyses tab on the Change class
min version:

Hide Impact Analyses on a class

With a simple PHP iTop extension, you can hide the tab Impact analyses from the details of the Change object (or any other Ticket class).

public function DisplayBareRelations(WebPage $oPage, $bEditMode = false)
  parent::DisplayBareRelations($oPage, $bEditMode);

Hide a Dashboard on condition

You can hide an attribute dashboard depending on an object field value

Here we suppose that the Team class as a Dashboard attribute with code = 'dashboard' and we want to hide it based on a particular condition on a team field:

public function DisplayBareRelations(WebPage $oPage, $bEditMode = false)
  parent::DisplayBareRelations($oPage, $bEditMode);
  if ($this->Get('notify') === 'no')   $oPage->RemoveTab('Class:Team/Attribute:dashboard');

The identifier of the tab is the same as the dictionary entry:

  • Class:class_name/Attribute:attribute_code

Cautious it is case sensitive and the attribute code is usually lowercase

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