Install and Upgrade your iTop

Intended audience

This document is targeted towards system administrators in charge of installing and/or upgrading the iTop application.

This document assumes that you have at least a basic knowledge about:

  • configuring your web server (Apache Httpd, IIS, NGINX, …),
  • PHP installation and configuration,
  • MySQL and the SQL language in general.


iTop is an app based on PHP and MySQL or MariaDB.
Users will only need a web browser with JavaScript enabled.
All details about each required component can be found below !
If you already have a LAMP or a WAMP platform running, you can skip this part and go directly to the next chapter !
Actually you will just need to get and unzip the iTop package, then access it though your browser : this will launch the iTop setup, which will check for all the requirements.

Get iTop package

  • iTop Professional or Essential : for Combodo and Combodo partners clients, download your package from the ITSM Designer :
    1. in the Designer home screen, click on your instance's version
    2. in the displayed dialog select the version you need
    3. click download
  • iTop Community : download the package from SourceForge
The source code can be downloaded or cloned from the iTop repository on GitHub
Warning : this should be done by developers only !

Install / upgrade iTop

Install extensions or additional modules

Each iTop Community package can be customized by adding extensions. This can be done :

  • Automatically using iTop hub : in iTop admin console, simply open “iTop Hub / Connect to iTop Hub” menu.
  • Manually:
    1. Copy the modules files to the /extensions iTop subdirectory
    2. Make sure that the iTop configuration file (config-itop.php in conf/production) is not read-only,
    3. Point your web browser to http(s)://location_of_itop/setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

Finetune the system

And then check how to integrate iTop with other applications.

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