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3.1.x to 3.2.0 Migration Notes

This document highlights issues which can occur while migrating your iTop to this version.

This document highlights issues which can occur while migrating your iTop to this version.

Impact on Users

To check before upgrading


PHP version

  • New PHP min version: 8.1.0
  • New PHP max version: 8.3.x

PHP extensions

PHP extension APCu is now strongly recommended, otherwise performances could be slightly degraded.

MySQL / Maria DB version

  • MariaDB min version remains the same: 10.3.7
  • MySQL min version remains the same: 5.7


Database costly operations

N°6619 - Attachment : Make contact_id an AttributeExternalKey instead of AttributeExternalField

ALTER TABLE `attachment` ADD `contact_id` INT(11) DEFAULT 0
ALTER TABLE `attachment` ADD INDEX `contact_id` (`contact_id`)

Custom code / extension

If you have developed custom extensions with XML and custom code, check: Developer check-list

Extensions to upgrade

Check for each of your Combodo extensions the 3.2 compatible version that you need to install, before upgrading.

Portal themes

If you created a custom theme for the end-user portal that replaces bootstrap-theme-combodo.scss, you'll need to re-generate it. Otherwise some elements might not display correctly (HTML editor)

Included in iTop

XML Datamodel

The field “Solution” of classes User Request and Incident, now supports HTML.
To revert this datamodel change, add this XML into an extension or ask Combodo to inject it in the Designer for you

    <class id="UserRequest" _delta="if_exists">
        <field id="solution" xsi:type="AttributeText" _delta="if_exists">
          <format  _delta="delete_if_exists"/>
        <class id="Incident" _delta="if_exists">
        <field id="solution" xsi:type="AttributeText" _delta="if_exists">
          <format  _delta="delete_if_exists"/>


Configuration file

To check / do after upgrading

X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header and CORB protection

Since iTop 2.7.10 / 3.0.4 / 3.1.2 / 3.2.0, the X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header is sent with the nosniff value. This could trigger CORB protection for certain resources, preventing them from loading (see https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/services/network/cross_origin_read_blocking_explainer.md#determining-whether-a-response-is-corb_protected).

To mitigate the issue, sending this HTTP header is disabled on corresponding resources in iTop core.
As some extensions can be impacted, the security.enable_header_xcontent_type_options config parameter can be set to false to prevent the header to be sent.


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