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2.5.x to 2.6.x Migration Notes

Versions 2.6.x of iTop are fully backward compatible with the previous 2.x versions, however those versions introduce quite a few significative changes.

This document lists issues which can occur while migrating your iTop to one of those versions.

  • For a focus on new features check What's New
  • For an exhaustive list of changes check the Change Log

Impact on users

User stored URLs

In order to fix a security weakness, we had to change the way filter parameter was encoded in URL. As a result users may have bookmarked iTop URLs which may no more work after updating to iTop 2.6.

Edition of object with Uniqueness rules (Person)

As a uniqueness rule has been added, if you have Persons under the same Organization, with the same employee id, then modification of those Person won't be possible until that collision of employee id is fixed.

Uniqueness rules have been added on Brand and Model, which are expected to have a unique name. Most probably no duplicates exist in your iTop.

To check before upgrading

Windows database password constrains

From 2.6.1 only: In order to fix a bug when using Backup on Windows with a password containing % (percent), ! (exclamation mark) or “ (double quote), those characters are no more supported in the database password on Windows. If a login used to connect to the database is having such character in its password, the migration will be stopped with an error message. Change this password first before upgrading.

MySQL 8 not supported

Also you might have an iTop running on MySQL 8, with version 2.6 it's no more possible to upgrade or install iTop on this database. We plan to remove this limitation with iTop2.7.

Datamodel changes

If you have forced a _delta=“define” in the ITSM Designer or in an Extension on


change can be any sub-class of Change.

You will need to change or ask Combodo to change for you this into _delta=“force”

Legacy Portal is deprecated

If not done already, activate the Enhanced Portal during the Setup to replace it.

Encryption changes

Regarding recent mcrypt support drop from PHP, we updated the way encryption is handled. Check Encrypt Data to be sure you won't loose access to your previously encrypted data.

If you upgrade to 2.6,
  • create some encrypted data (for eg. a local iTop user with password)
  • revert to a version before 2.6


  • the encrypted data created in 2.6 won't be readable anymore
  • for eg. the created users won't be able to login

Backup parameter change

If you use check_backup.php with this parameter check_ticket_itop, it will break!

For security reasons, the “check_ticket_itop” parameter should not be used anymore.

  • This URL must now be stored in the module parameters, in the config file, under the “itop_backup_incident” key.
  • In iTop 2.5.2 there was a param itop_root which is now itop_backup_incident
  • Remove the param check_ticket_itop from the “param file” used in your cron when calling check_backup.php.
  • and put the value previously located in check_ticket_itop, into the Configuration file itop_backup_incident parameter

For Developers

Deprecated functions

In the Config object, the following methods were deprecated in 2.5 and will be removed in 2.7 :

  • GetDBHost
  • GetDBName
  • GetDBSubname
  • GetDBCharacterSet
  • GetDBCollation
  • GetDBUser
  • GetDBPwd

Those methods should be replaced by a call to the generic Config::Get method, with the appropriate variable name, respectively :

  • db_host
  • db_name
  • db_subname
  • db_character_set
  • db_collation
  • db_user
  • db_pwd
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