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Install and Upgrade your iTop

Intended Audience

This document is targeted towards system administrators in charge of installing, upgrading the iTop application.

Upgrading iTop version

Install your iTop


iTop Licensing information

This document assumes that you have at least a basic knowledge about:

  • configuring your web server (either Apache, IIS or nginx),
  • the PHP language,
  • MySQL and the SQL language in general.

In order to install and configure iTop you need the following:

Provide a MySQL account with enough privileges:
  • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE for daily use of iTop
  • CREATE (table), ALTER, CREATE VIEW for Setup and datamodel modification
  • CREATE (database) if you ask the Setup to create you database and for the ITSM Designer for Test database creation (DROP in this case is needed also)
  • SHOW VIEW, LOCK TABLES are used for backups
  • DROP and TRIGGER are used by DataSynchro
  • SUPER need is uncertain

Step by step

  1. Install PHP, MySQL and other required software. Check below tips for special environments:
  2. Install iTop: The Setup wizard defines the iTop features and the database schema to use. Most choices can't be changed later unless using a fresh new database.
  3. Your first connection to iTop: Ensure the application is accessible and discover the user interface.
  4. Schedule background tasks. Mandatory for asynchronous email, scheduled backups, SLA computation…
  5. Add some users:
Follow the Implementation Guide to create the minimum set of objects for the iTop application to be usable by your users.
If you want to move the iTop application under a different url, follow the tip: Changing iTop location
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