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Upgrading iTop

Release notes

Why upgrading? What features are brought by new versions:

Migrations Notes

Before upgrading your instance of iTop to a new version, read the corresponding migration notes to determine the impact of the upgrade:

How to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check that the extensions (if any) that you installed on your previous version of iTop are compatible with the new version. The extensions are located in the “extensions” folder in the iTop installation folder. Information about the compatibility of each extension can be found in its documentation. Unless otherwise specified, extensions are supposed to be forward compatible.

The upgrade process is simple:

  1. Extract the content of the “web” directory of the iTop archive into a new directory on your web server,
  2. Copy the extensions from the previous “extensions” folder to the “extensions” folder of the new location. If needed upgrade the extensions to a version compatible with the new iTop.
  3. Point your web browser to the location where you extracted the files and follow the on-screen instructions,
  4. At step 2, select “Upgrade an existing instance”. If you specify the path to the previous installation, the setup program will do two things:
    1. copy all your parameters to the new installation
    2. if any extension is found in the “extensions” folder, the setup will offer to copy them to the new location for you
If mysqldump is executable on your web server (must be in the path), then the setup program will offer you to perform a full backup of the iTop database (including the configuration file) before the actual upgrade.

Finally, if you used the file cron.params in the webservices directory to store the settings for cron.php, copy this file to the new webservices folder.

Installing extensions or additional modules

The way to install a new extension, or an additional module (i.e. a module which was not selected during the previous installation) is quite similar to an upgrade:

  1. Make sure that the iTop configuration file (config-itop.php in conf/production) is not read-only,
  2. Point your web browser to http(s)://location_of_itop/setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
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