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iTop and Suhosin

Suhosin is an extra security layer which applies a number of security checks on top of PHP. If your web server is not public on the Internet and if you don't plan to deliver the iTop application to millions of simultaneaous users, you may consider relaxing a bit some of the Suhosin limits in favor of more functionalities.

Suhosin is installed and activated by default on some Linux distributions (for instance Debian & Ubuntu).

Here is a list of the known issues and the related Suhosin configuration parameter:

Parameter Value Symptom Suggested fix 1000 Failure when editing a ticket containing more than 300 related CIs. Could not delete/modify more than 997 objects at a time. Increase the limit in the Suhosin configuration
suhosin.get.max_value_length < 1024 Unpredictable effects. iTop will detect that at the setup. Increase the limit in the Suhosin configuration

More information about Suhosin:

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