Managing Organizations

Organizations are used to define the boundaries which are the basis of the access restriction policies. Most of the objects managed in iTop have a field “Organization”. This field generally represents the organization “owning” the object (for example for configuration items like Servers, PCs, Racks…). Organizations are also used in Service Management, in this case the “owner” of a service is the “provider” of this service, whereas the “owner” of a contract is generally the customer “buying” services through this contract.

Organizations can be organized in a parent/child hierarchy, in which case iTop behaves as if the parent organization was also “owning” the objects owned by all its child organizations.

Only administrators and configuration managers can add, modify or remove organizations.

To list existing Organizations, use the Admin menu Organizations Menu

List of all Organizations

To add an organization click on icon, and type “Organization” then press Enter key.

The form to create an organization contains:

  • the name of the organization. It is the label that will be displayed in the lists,
  • a code,
  • a status,
  • a parent organization, it can be left undefined if you do not need to create a hierarchy
  • the Delivery Model for this Organization

New Organization formOrganization details

You can later modify the attributes of a given organization by clicking on Modify icon.  

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