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Obsolete object

Introduced by iTop 2.4, the Data Model now includes an obsolescence notion defined per class of object, to improve user experience by highlighting / hiding obsolete objects.

Highlight obsolete objects

Object defined as obsolete are flagged in the console to make this aspect obvious, by graphical icon and tag.

On a list:

On an object:

Improved Impact Analysis

Obsolete objects are ignored by Impact Analysis

Before obsoleting ESX1:

After obsoleting ESX1:

Hide obsolete objects

Based on user preference, objects which are defined as obsolete, are removed from displayed lists in the iTop console.

An obsolete object details is displayed regardless of user preference.

Be cautious with this user preference, it does hide existing objects:

modify mode

  • In details screen, on a drop-down list: obsolete objects will not be proposed.
  • In a relation tab, obsolete objects will not be displayed, so cannot be removed.
  • In a relation tab, obsolete objects cannot be added.

other display difference

  • Search menu and Shortcuts display a list without obsolete objects
  • Dashlets do not include obsolete objects
  • Global Search do not return obsolete objects
  • Bulk modify will not modify obsolete objects
  • Audit does not report audit errors on obsolete objects
  • Run Query does not return obsolete objects
  • CSV Export should return a list without obsolete objects
CSV import of obsolete objects is still possible in this mode
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