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Default Search criterion per class

Unless you customize your iTop Datamodel, this are the default criterion defined.
Default criterion is optional. They are inherited from parent classes if not defined.

We have chosen those criterion because they are the most used for single object search, which is what simple users would do. Advanced users will know how to add/remove criteria.

Predefined requests such as menus and shortcuts, will not use those defaults as soon as they come with their own criterion.

Class Criterions
Contract Name, Customer, Provider
Contact Full Name, Email, Organization
Database Schema Full Name, DB server, Organization
Datacenter Device Full Name, Management ip, Organization
Document Name, Description, Organization
Functional CI Full Name, Organization
Group Name, Type, Organization
IP Interface Full Name, IP address, MAC address
Licence Name, Description, Key
Middleware Instance Full Name, Middleware, Organization
Network Interface Name
Patch Name, Description
Physical CI Full Name, Location, Organization
Organization Name
Location Name, Country, Organization
Service Name, Provider, Service Family
Service Family Name
Service Subcategory Name, Service, Service->Provider
Software Name, Vendor, Type
Software Instance Full Name, System, Organization
Subnet IP, Name, Organization
Ticket Ref, Title, Caller, Organization
Typology Name
User Login, Contact, Organization
VLAN VLAN Tag, Organization
Web Application Full Name, Web server, Organization
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