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Changing what can be seen on Portal

Question: How to change the default display mode for the Service catalog

  <module_design id="itop-portal" _delta="must_exist">
      <brick id="services" xsi:type="Combodo\iTop\Portal\Brick\BrowseBrick" _delta="must_exist">
          <default _delta="redefine">mosaic</default>

Question: How to allow a Support Agent to handle Tickets in the Portal?

The usecase is the following: You have a main provider organization, offering services, and multiple organizations buying those services, out of those clients, some do have teams and agents which do contribute to the Delivery Model of the main organization Services, but limited to tickets created for their organization as the client. We don't want to let those agents see other customers, nor see all tickets of the Main organization.

If they use the console only, they are unable to create Ticket for their organization as they don't see the Services. If they use the Portal, it needs to be modified for them to see the Delivery Model teams and agents, in order to be able to dispatch and assign the tickets outside of their organization

First part to allow them to be able to create a Ticket in New state without being forced to Dispatch or Assign it directly

  <module_design id="itop-portal" _delta="must_exist">
      <form id="ticket-create" _delta="must_exist">
        <properties _delta="define_if_not_exists">
          <always_show_submit _delta="force">true</always_show_submit>
      <class id="Contact" _delta="must_exist">
          <scope id="agents" _delta="define">
            <oql_view><![CDATA[SELECT Contact ... ]]></oql_view>
            <ignore_silos _delta="force">true</ignore_silos>
              <allowed_profile id="Support Agent"/>

Query to use to enable agents to see teams and persons required to Dispatch and Assign tickets to the Delivery Model teams and agents when they aren't all part of the user organization. If they are all, this scope is useless, the standard would work:

SELECT Contact AS c 
  JOIN lnkPersonToTeam AS l2 ON l2.person_id =
  JOIN Team AS t ON 
  JOIN lnkDeliveryModelToContact AS l1 ON 
  JOIN DeliveryModel AS dm ON 
  JOIN Organization AS o ON 
  WHERE = :current_contact->org_id 
  JOIN lnkDeliveryModelToContact AS l1 ON 
  JOIN DeliveryModel AS dm ON 
  JOIN Organization AS o ON 
  WHERE = :current_contact->org_id
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