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Define your own dictionary entries

Prerequisite: You must be familiar with the Syntax used in Tutorials and have already created an extension.

Change a label for a field, a button, a menu,...
Dictionary, XML
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Modifying an existing label


You want to change an iTop label.

First things to do is to find its code.

For generic labels, check those files your-itop/dictionary/, where xxx is:

  • ui for labels used in the User Interface (UI)
  • core for labels of field types and generic objects such as: History, Trigger-Action, DataSynchro, BulkExport,…

For a label related to a Datamodel class, its code will be in your-itop/datamodels/2.x/xxx/ where xxx is the module name which handle that class.

Once you have the code, you just need to redefine its value in a extension, as described below.
Note the _delta=“redefine” to replace the existing value and the _delta=“force” if you are not sure that there was previously an entry for that code.

In this example we will suppose that in your iTop, the “Requestor” of a UserRequest, should be called Beneficiary, so here is how to do this:

itop_design / dictionaries
    <dictionary id="EN US" _delta="must_exist">
        <entry id="Class:UserRequest/Attribute:caller_id" _delta="redefine">
        <entry id="Class:UserRequest/Attribute:caller_id+" _delta="force">
          <![CDATA[Choose the client person who will get the requested service]]>
The second entry, with the same code completed by a plus sign correspond to additional information, displayed for Attribute as a tooltip when moving your mouse over the field in read mode

Creating a new entry


Note the _delta=“define” to create a new entry, it will fail if that entry already exist.

itop_design / dictionaries
    <dictionary id="EN US" _delta="must_exist">
        <entry id="Class:Team/Attribute:dashboard" _delta="define">
Here we created an entry in the english dictionary.
Replace EN US by FR FR for French labels.

Duplicate the XML structure if you want to defined labels for multiple languages.

Check here for ISO country values. iTop supports any language, but natively includes only a few.

Using dictionary files for new entries

Instead of defining dictionary entries in XML, you may define them in php file, one per language. See here for an example of this method

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