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Browsing the Data Model

Depending on the modules installed during the setup, the data model of iTOp (also called the objects schema) can vary. You can view the current data model used by iTop by clicking on the link “Data Model” in the “Admin Tools” menu. An explorer tree-view allows you to navigate through the hierarchy of classes (in alphabetical order).

Each entry contains the display name of the class (potentially localized) and its internal PHP name (the name used when writing OQL queries and PHP code).

Clicking on a class name displays the details for this class.

iTop Objects Schema

To quickly find the link to a specific class in the data model, use the “Find” feature of your web browser (CTRL + F) to search for the class name within the page.

Data model tabs definition:

Tab Description
Attributes Displays all the attributes for this class.
Search criteria Displays all the attributes you can use in search forms or in OQL
Referencing classes Displays all classes having a reference to the current one
Related classes Displays classes related to this one via an external key
Lifecycle Displays the lifecycle graph for the class and some related information
Notification Display the notifications configured for the selected class.
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