Known Errors Database Module


The frequently asked questions (FAQs) answer the most common questions asked by users about a service. FAQs can easily solve common problems.

FAQ Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Category Foreign key to a(n) FAQ Category Yes
Title Alphanumeric string Yes
Error code Alphanumeric string No
Key words Alphanumeric string No
Summary Multiline character string No
Description HTML string No

Creating a FAQ

The menu “FAQs” provides a list of FAQ. Just click on the button “New” to create a new one

FAQ Category

Categorizing the FAQs is a helper for the agent who is searching for a FAQ.

FAQ Category Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Name Alphanumeric string Yes


Tab Description
FAQs All the frequently asked questions related to this category

Known Error

The known errors are part of the problem management process. They are used to document known issues even if the problem is not completely fixed, for instance by providing a workaround. This improves the efficiency of the incident management process.

A known error can be linked to configuration items. When a ticket is linked a CI then the known errors related to that CI are displayed automatically in the ticket.

You can link documents to a known error.

Known Error Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Name Alphanumeric string Yes
Customer Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Related Problem Foreign key to a(n) Problem No
Error Code Alphanumeric string No
Domain Possible values: Application, Desktop, Network, Server Yes
Vendor Alphanumeric string No
Model Alphanumeric string No
Version Alphanumeric string No
Symptom Multiline character string Yes
Root Cause Multiline character string No
Work around Multiline character string No
Solution Multiline character string No


Tab Description
CIs All the configuration items that are related to this known error
Documents All the documents link to this known error

Creating a Known Error

Click on the “New known error” menu:

The following form is displayed:

In addition to its name, and the corresponding organization, a known error can be characterized by the following attributes:

  • Error code
  • Domain
  • Vendor
  • Model
  • Version

Most of the time, a known error should be linked to a problem. This way, support agents can quickly get the relevant information to troubleshoot and fix.

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