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Problem Management Module


A problem is the cause of one or more incidents occuring in your IT. At the time the problem is recorded, the cause may be still unknown. Such tickets will allows IT engineers to document all the actions made to find the root cause and fix the issue.

The main difference between a problem and an incident is that an incident must be fixed as quickly as possible to reduce the unavailability period of the service, whereas the problem will focus on identifying the root cause. While the root cause remains undefined, a workaround is provided to help in fixing corresponding recurring incidents.

The problems are managed by users having the profile Problem manager.

Problem Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Ref Alphanumeric string Yes
Title Alphanumeric string Yes
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Status Possible values: Assigned, Closed, New, Resolved Yes
Priority Possible values: Critical, High, Medium, Low Yes
Service Foreign key to a(n) Service No
Service subcategory Foreign key to a(n) Service Subcategory No
Product Alphanumeric string No
Impact Possible values: A Department, A Service, A person Yes
Urgency Possible values: critical, high, medium, low Yes
Description Multiline character string Yes
Start date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Last update Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Assignment Date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Resolution Date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Close date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Caller Foreign key to a(n) Person No
Team Foreign key to a(n) Team No
Agent Foreign key to a(n) Person No
Related Change Foreign key to a(n) Change No


Tab Description
CIs All the configuration items impacted for this ticket
Contacts All the contacts linked to this ticket
Known Errors All the known errors that are linked to this problem
Work orders All the work orders for this ticket
Related requests All the requests that are related to this problem

Creating a Problem

Click on the “New problem” menu:

The following form is displayed:

Managing Private Log

A problem ticket only have a private log to keep track of all the activities and communications related to it.

This log is not visible on the end user portal.

Managing CIs and Contacts

Unlike the incident and change management modules, the lists of CIs and contacts that are linked to a problem are managed manually.

Problem Life Cycle

Problem objects have the following life cycle:

Depending on the status of the object, the contraints on the properties vary as shown on the table below:

New Assigned Resolved Closed
Ref R/O R/O R/O R/O
Title R/O R/O
Organization R/O R/O
Status R/O R/O R/O R/O
Priority R/O R/O R/O R/O
Service M R/O
Service subcategory R/O
Product R/O
Impact R/O R/O
Urgency R/O R/O
Description R/O R/O
Start date R/O R/O R/O R/O
Last update R/O R/O R/O R/O
Assignment Date H R/O R/O R/O
Resolution Date H H H H
Close date H H H R/O
Caller R/O R/O
Team H M R/O R/O
Agent H M R/O R/O
Related Change R/O
Table key:
  • H: hidden
  • R/O: read-only
  • M: mandatory
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