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Change Management Module


A change ticket or simply a change keeps track of modifications planned in the IT:

  • Patch installations
  • System configuration changes
  • OS updates
  • Software installations

This way you can track all the modifications made in your IT. A lot of incidents are due to changes made in the IT environment. By documenting them, you can identify easily what changes had been made when an incident occurs and restore the service more quickly.

Moreover, this change management module allows you to analyze automatically the impact of the changes on the infrastructure and the application solutions. IT engineers can then better control the unavailability of the critical services in the enterprise, and improve customer satisfaction.

Change tickets are managed by the people having the profiles:

  • Change implementors plan and implement the changes
  • Change supervisor follow up with the changes
  • Change manager approve the changes

When installing iTop, you have the choice between two differents modules for documenting changes. The module described here has been designed as a simple workflow to ease the management of changes.

There is no special restriction/configuration needed for the Teams or Agents related to Change Management. However, keep in mind that the usual security restrictions apply: the teams/contacts to be selected when validating/assigning the ticket MUST be in an organization allowed to the current user.

Change Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Ref Alphanumeric string Yes
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Status Possible values: Approved, Assigned, Closed, New, Planned, Rejected No
Title Alphanumeric string Yes
Description Multiline character string Yes
Caller Foreign key to a(n) Person Yes
Team Foreign key to a(n) Team No
Agent Foreign key to a(n) Person No
Change manager Foreign key to a(n) Person No
Category Possible values: application, hardware, network, other, software, system No
Reject reason Multiline character string No
Fallback plan Multiline character string No
Parent change Foreign key to a(n) Change No
Creation date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Start date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
End date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Last update Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Approval date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Close date Date and time (year-month-day hh:mm:ss) No
Outage Possible values: yes, no No


Tab Description
CIs All the configuration items impacted for this ticket
Contacts All the contacts linked to this ticket
Work orders All the work orders for this ticket
Related requests All the user requests linked to this change
Related problems All the problems linked to this change
Child changes All the sub changes linked to this change

Creating a Change

Click on the “New change” menu:

The following form is displayed:

Assigning a change to a team and agent

The list of teams to which you can assign a change is defined by the delivery model of the corresponding organization. When creating a change, the agent has to select the customer organization, then the list of teams is strictly limited to the teams defined for this customer. If a team is missing, the delivery model of the customer must be updated to reflect this need. See More about Delivery model for more information

Managing Private Log

A change ticket only have a private log to document all the activities and communications related to it. This one is not visible on the end user portal.

Managing impacted CIs and Contacts

This section is similar to the one of the Helpdesk module. Please refer to it

Change Life Cycle

Change objects have the following life cycle:

Depending on the status of the object, the contraints on the properties vary as shown on the table below:

New Assigned Planned Rejected Approved Closed
Ref R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O
Organization M M M R/O R/O R/O
Status R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O
Title M M M R/O R/O R/O
Description M M M R/O R/O R/O
Caller M M R/O R/O R/O
Team H M M R/O R/O R/O
Agent H M M R/O R/O R/O
Change manager H M M R/O R/O R/O
Category R/O R/O
Reject reason H H H M R/O R/O
Fallback plan M R/O R/O
Parent change R/O R/O
Creation date R/O R/O R/O R/O H R/O
Start date M R/O R/O R/O
End date M R/O R/O R/O
Last update R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O R/O
Approval date H H H R/O R/O R/O
Close date H H H H H R/O
Outage H H M R/O R/O R/O
Table key:
  • H: hidden
  • R/O: read-only
  • M: mandatory
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