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iTop logs channels

Since iTop 2.7.0, logs can be made using a channel. That allows to set distinct levels per channel : this is super useful if you need more details on something and don't want all your logs to become overloaded !

This page aims to detail the existing channels and the corresponding logs. To learn more about logs see iTop logs


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.5

Channels value can be found in the LogChannels class. This allow to pick channel uses more easily !


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 3.0.0, the LogChannels::CONSOLE (console) channel is used for various console frontend errors.

File Level Channel Source
error.log LogAPI::LEVEL_DEBUG LogChannels::CONSOLE UI.php


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.5, the LogChannels::PORTAL (portal) channel is used.

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::PORTAL LogAPI::LEVEL_DEBUG \Combodo\iTop\Portal\Controller\ManageBrickController::GetData
error.log LogChannels::PORTAL LogAPI::LEVEL_DEBUG \Combodo\iTop\Portal\Controller\BrowseBrickController::DisplayAction


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 3.0.0, the LogChannels::CLI (CLI) channel is used for PHP version checks.

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::CLI LogAPI::LEVEL_ERROR SetupUtils::CheckPhpAndExtensionsForCli

DB operations

๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.5, the LogChannels::CMDB_SOURCE channel is used for queries traces.

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::CMDB_SOURCE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE CMDBSource::DBQuery()
error.log LogChannels::CMDB_SOURCE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE CMDBSource::StartTransaction()
error.log LogChannels::CMDB_SOURCE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE CMDBSource::Commit()
error.log LogChannels::CMDB_SOURCE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE CMDBSource::Rollback()

DB deadlocks

๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.1 (see PR #139) we added 3 new channels.

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::DEADLOCK LogAPI::LEVEL_ERROR CMDBSource::LogDeadLock
deadlocks.log DeadLockLog::CHANNEL_WAIT_TIMEOUT LogAPI::LEVEL_INFO CMDBSource::LogDeadLock
deadlocks.log DeadLockLog::CHANNEL_DEADLOCK_FOUND LogAPI::LEVEL_INFO CMDBSource::LogDeadLock


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.1, debug info for inline images integration.

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE ajax.render.php operation=cke_img_upload
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE ajax.render.php operation=cke_upload_and_browse
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE InlineImage::AfterDelete
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE InlineImage::AfterInsert
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE InlineImage::AfterUpdate
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE InlineImage::FinalizeInlineImages
error.log LogChannels::INLINE_IMAGE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE InlineImage::OnFormCancel

iTop objects class

Since iTop 2.7.1.

Example iTop classes values : UserRequest, Incident, Server, โ€ฆ

File Channel Level Source
error.log <iTop object class> LogAPI::LEVEL_ERROR ConfigPlaceholdersResolver::Get
error.log <iTop object class> LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE UI.php operation=apply_modify
error.log <iTop object class> LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE UI.php operation=apply_new
error.log <iTop object class> LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE ajax.render.php operation=on_form_cancel

Since iTop 3.1

File Channel Level Source
error.log LogChannels::DM_CRUD LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE Everything related to the datamodel CRUD
error.log LogChannels::EVENT_SERVICE LogAPI::LEVEL_TRACE Everything related to the event service


๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 2.7.8, 3.0.3 and 3.1.0.

File Level Channel Source Content
error.log \LogAPI::DEBUG \LogChannels::NOTIFICATIONS \MetaModel::ApplyParams Error on wrong portal id in the hyperlink() placeholder

Deprecated calls

๐Ÿ†• Since iTop 3.0.0 (PR #193 and some commits afterwards), module developers can locate calls to deprecated PHP methods / files.
A dedicated channel will also catch @trigger_error() calls with E_DEPRECATED or E_USER_DEPRECATED level (those are usually present in libraries to allow catching calls to deprecated methods).

This is done in DeprecatedCallsLog impl :

File Channel Level Source
deprecated-calls.log DeprecatedCallsLog::ENUM_CHANNEL_PHP_METHOD LogAPI::LEVEL_WARNING DeprecatedCallsLog::NotifyDeprecatedPhpMethod
deprecated-calls.log DeprecatedCallsLog::ENUM_CHANNEL_FILE LogAPI::LEVEL_WARNING DeprecatedCallsLog::NotifyDeprecatedFile
deprecated-calls.log DeprecatedCallsLog::ENUM_CHANNEL_PHP_LIBMETHOD LogAPI::LEVEL_WARNING error handler for levels E_DEPRECATED or E_USER_DEPRECATED

If you're using a Combodo build :

  • default log level will be ERROR

Else if you're using a direct GitHub clone (in other words utils::IsDevelopmentEnvironment returns true) :

  • default log level will be DEBUG
  • whenever we log a trigger_error() call will be made using the E_USER_DEPRECATED flag

Log level can be customized in the config.

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