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Notifications: a step by step example

This chapter explains, step by step, how to configure a notification in order to send an email when a User Request is assigned to an agent. The notification will be sent to the “Agent” to which the ticket has just been assigned.

Go to the “Admin tools / Notifications” page, in the “Triggers” tab click on the “Create a new Trigger” link (if there are no triggers already) or click on the “New…” button to create a new Trigger.

Create a Trigger

When prompted about the type of Trigger to create, select the type of Trigger you need:

Pick the type of Trigger to create

Click apply to pick this type of Trigger, and when prompted fill the requested fields, some can be Trigger specific:

Fill the form to create the Trigger

Then click Create

Created Trigger

Create an Email Action

Then using the breadcrum, go back to the Notifications screen (You can also use again the “Notifications” menu)

Breadcrum to Notification

In the Notifications screen, jump to the Email actions tab

Email actions tab on Notifications

and click the New button to create a new Email Action.

Email actions creation button

Select the type of Email actions you want

Email actions type selector

Fill the fields:

New Action form

If you press Create at that stage, without linking any Trigger, you will get a warning message:

Warning missing trigger

Then switch to the Related Triggers tab and relate this notification to the trigger you've just created:

Search for Trigger to add Search for Trigger Select the Trigger to Add Select Trigger to Add Once triggers are linked, Create (or Apply if the Email action creation was completed already) Result of added trigger

That's it.

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