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Notification in multiple languages

How to configure your User Request notifications if you want to send them in the language of the notified Person?

this solution cannot address the fact that the content of the User request itself, its “description” and the “log entries”, will not be translated!!!

Person's language

Out of the box, iTop does not associate any Language to a Person, so you will have to modify the datamodel to add a language field on the Person class. There is a language associate to a User, but not every Person is linked to a User.

One Notification per language

You will have to create as many notifications as you have languages.

  • The Notification title and body will be in that language
  • The query retrieving the Persons to notify, enrich your OQL to filter on their language, so within the English notification, only return in the TO, CC and BCC queries, Persons speaking english
    In the Spanish notification, do the same logic.

Same Trigger for all language

  • In the trigger, you attach the various email notifications in the different languages.

The drawback of the solution is that it generates 2,3 or more notifications each times and most of them are empty.

UserRequest language

You can imagine other logic to retrieve the language:

  1. Associate a language to each User Request directly
  2. Associate a language to an Organization, then define an AttributeExternalField on the UserRequest with the language of the Customer

One Notification per language

As above…

One Trigger per language

In that case, you should create one Trigger per language, filtering the UserRequest on its (customer) language and associate each to a single Notification in its language.

This solution does not have the drawback of the first solution.

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