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Major Known Issues in 3.0.x

As with every STS version, some stuff are not yet finalized and we are aware (see the list below) and for some we are not aware, and in that case don't hesitate to tell us in the SourceForge Forum or to our support team (for Combodo customers).


  • N°4564 - Tooltip not refreshed for switching from standard dashboard to custom dashboard. Fixed in 3.0.1
  • N°4425 - Calendar view : tooltip not clickable. Fixed in 3.0.2


  • N°3900 - Missing last entries in breadcrum when reaching window size but not breadcrum.max_count.
  • N°4550 - Useless horizontal scroll bar on search date widget. Fixed in iTop 3.0.1
  • N°4576 - Search date widget move to right pane when date is manually imputed.
    → Click on the calendar button solve this issue.
    Fixed in iTop 3.0.1
  • N°4529 - Count in header not updated when refreshing through the icon.
    → Click on the refresh icon of the search bar to refresh the count.
    Fixed in iTop 3.0.1
  • N°2598 - Loosing page and order when refreshing a list with the refresh icon on the search bar.
    → Click on the refresh icon of the object.

Data synchronization

  • N°4552 - With Chrome, scroll bar missing and Public Data troncated in Synchro Replica screen. Fixed by Chrome update


HTML Attributes

  • N°4539 - Wrong display of html attribute for table include in a table.

Activity panel

  • N°4511 - Links are made on all the leading text with Firefox.


  • N°4858 - External key field mandatory on arrival state not prompted on transition.
    → Make field mandatory on transition.

Printable Version

  • N°4505 - Column growing on Printable version of a UserRequest with vertical layout and zoom 90%.


  • N°4626 - When running a manual backup from iTop, an error would still be logged but no more displayed in the UI Fixed in iTop 3.0.1


About iTop

  • N°4525 - Bad source for extensions in system information and about iTop with iTop Pro 3.0 and iTop Ess 3.0. Fixed in iTop 3.0.1


  • N°4482 - Adjust space between line under next button. Fixed in iTop 3.0.1
  • N°4482 - Fix non translated special characters in query list. Fixed in iTop 3.0.1


  • N°4662 - Not able to create ticket in Portal with Service Provider installation when Service description contains special characters. Fixed in iTop 3.0.1

API Rest

  • N°4873 - Field comment no more visible in iTop console

Designer (only for Combodo customers)

  • N°4568 - Warning message on MTP and error message in iTop when adding a new Dashboard Menu.
    → Ask Combodo support to edit the delta XML
    Fixed in ITSM-Designer
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