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Known Issues in 3.0.0 Beta version

As with every Beta 2 version, some stuff are not yet finalized and we are aware (see the list below) and for some we are not aware, and in that case don't hesitate to tell us in the SourceForge Forum


  • All elements spacing, margins and sizes will be reworked during the beta
  • Breadcrumb: on small window, last entries not visible.
  • Nav. menu: When pattern not found in the filter, image remains after even if search is now successful
  • HTML content:
    • no default style applied (like on H1/H2/Hn, lists, …) whereas they are displayed in CK Editor
    • Entering a long text without any space in HTML field (including caselog) is not handled correctly
  • Dict. entries are not available in ajax page
  • Usability on small screens is worst than in iTop 2.7 as we can't zoom out or scroll a4104d4
  • Object deletion: Broken does not work anymore 67afbd1d8
  • Multiple “User disconnected” dialogs in the backoffice d6b9172e2


  • Dashlet editors not finalized: missing icons, tooltips, police variation, input field on multi-selection list too small, actions on small list not visible totally (bottom hidden and no scrolling)


  • Special character display issue
  • PDF export is empty
  • Impact analyses export missing new class icons
  • Direct URL to export-v2 broken in some modes


  • Enum style will be changed to a color dot instead of a plain badge, label kept on one line
  • Configure this list: multiple visual glitches
  • Toolbar (all action buttons) is displayed on the left of the list instead of being on the right side AND on top of the white panel instead of being inside

OQL queries

  • Police used for OQL queries not very readable especially = sign
  • Error message on invalid query incomplete

Objects details

  • n:n relations: Pop-up window to add objects has a confusing double scrollbar
  • n:n relations: In edition, list titles and content are no more aligned if you expend the left menus
  • If you have activate the lock mechanism, switching from a activity panel caselog edition into a full ticket edition, is not handled and you lock yourself.
  • When an attribute is reloading, the loading icon is placed below the field. The loader will be completely reworked
  • Display of multi-columns with existing HTML data, can lead to column overlap, depending on the existing content.
  • JS message “Gateway timeout” / “Unauthorized” / “” displayed after session has expired 8e1e71c74


  • Date(time) attribute: Date picker icon not staying within the input on scroll fa3140cc
  • Date(time) attribute: year is not totally visible for selection
  • External key attribute: Non mandatory ExternalKey with only one option, is filled automatically.
  • External key attribute: Selection of values for external key is not possible via keyboard
  • File attribute: No option anymore to empty it
  • IP attribute: Even without default value is set to
  • Password attribute: Not aligned to the new look


  • Fields label wrapped uselessly, columns too small
  • Multiple logs modified incompatible with “sending and executing a transition”
  • Mandatory fields feedback message not user friendly
  • Attachment: display issue at list bottom and delete not working

Impact analyses

  • Filter zone can no more be wrapped
  • PDF export with list of object does not work anymore
  • If using Config param: 'impact_analysis_first_tab' ⇒ 'list': impact analyses is no more displayed
  • double tooltips on title and icon mouse over on objects
  • Object deletion: old fashion buttons
  • Hierarchy buttons old school
  • Tabs vertical display in object, truncates tab labels without tooltip
  • User preference: propose an option to come back to default settings


Application upgrade

  • Wrong history ordering + crazy actions to modify or delete history entries which should not be there.


  • Useless blank vertical space below the list generating useless scrollbar


  • A few visual glitches

CSV import

  • Does not recognize tab separator automatically as it used to do :-(
  • Date custom format no more available
  • Columns using -> syntax are no more mapped automatically
  • Importing relationships within an object import, displays wierd 0 number

Datamodel viewer

  • Layout is missing spaces between words and parent class indication with a color circle not as readable as previous left bar

User rights

  • Grant matrix can no more be ordered


  • Few visual glitches (spaces, wierd + and - icons, button active when it should not)
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