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Using iTop

Connecting to iTop

To access iTop, just point your web browser to the URL where iTop is installed. For example: http://yourserver/<itop_alias>

When prompted, to enter your login and password.

 Figure 9

iTop uses PHP session's handling mechanism to cache the user's authentication across pages. This means that all tabs and windows opened with the same web browser share the same authentication. The session is closed when the last tab/window of the browser is closed, or when expiring as specified by the PHP parameter session.gc_maxlifetime
As iTop authentication is depending on the PHP session mechanism, changing any of the PHP session settings can lead to undesired effects such as users prompted to enter their password at each page. In particular, the iTop setup program does check that the file used by PHP can be written by the web server.

Once authenticated, the user accesses the main iTop page. The first time a user connects the Welcome to iTop popup is displayed. This popup can be removed for the next time by un-checking “Display this message at startup”.

The main screen of iTop is the following:

Figure 11

The main page is divided in three major parts:

  • The menu on the left (also called explorer menu) contains links to access the different modules (CMDB, Incidents, Changes, Services and contracts) of iTop. The exact list shown depends on the modules installed and the rights of the current user. For example the menu “Admin tools” (at the bottom) is only visible to administrators.
  • The content pane, on the right, displays the lists of items resulting from a search or the details of a given item.
  • The top frame contains the global search, the dashboard menu (when the page shown is an editable dashboard) and the logoff menu, also used for managing user's preferences.
The URL of the online-help hyperlink is configurable through the online_help configuration parameter.

Please refer to the user guides for details about how to use the various features of iTop.

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