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Configuration Editor

Newcomers should read the Configuration overview

Check this page for usage of all parameters which can be set within this file.

Some parameters are brought by some extensions/plugins and therefore are not mentionned in this reference guide.

Online editor

This tool is available only to the iTop administrators. It is a shortcut to edit the configuration file <itop-root>/conf/production/config-itop. This tool also secures the process in that the changes will not be saved if any syntax error is found.

It is highly recommended to keep a copy of the configuration file prior to doing any change.
Do NOT edit the lower part of the file. This part starts with the comment: Data model modules to be loaded.
Some changes made in the configuration may cause iTop to be inoperant. In such a case, right after the change is submitted, you would get an error, and it would not be possible to access this GUI to rollback your changes. The settings that are the most sensitive are the credentials to the MySQL server.
Since the iTop configuration is stored - and processed - as a PHP document, PHP code injection is possible via the configuration editor. If you think that letting iTop administrators interactively edit the configuration file is too risky (for example if iTop is installed on a server shared with other applications), you can completely disable the interactive configuration editor. To disable the interactive editor, set the following configuration parameter (in the 'module_settings' section of the configuration file):
'itop-config' => array(
    'config_editor' => 'disabled',

The editor is accessible from the “Admin tools / Configuration” menu:

It has syntax hightlighting and some

Here are the possible actions :

  • Find using Ctrl+F
  • Find and replace using Ctrl+H
  • Apply button or Ctrl+S shortcut to save
  • The Reset button reloads the page and the config to its persisted state (discard non persisted changes)

If a syntax error is found, save cannot be done, and an annotation is displayed on each concerned lines :

Sometimes, the typo resides one line above the incriminated line.

Upon saving, and if no syntax error is encountered, then a green banner is shown:

Note that the new configuration takes effect when a page gets loaded again. So in order to see the effect of the modified configuration you have to navigate to another page in iTop.
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