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iTop Change Log


  • Fix hard-coded translation in search page when the form has not been automatically submitted.
  • Fix broken search form when user has no read right on objects.
  • Fix request uri too long
  • Fix removing last criterion on a 'or' line resulted in 'OR 1'
  • Fix operator forced to “=” on some attributes (indexed ones)
  • Fix external field label not displayed
  • Fix an error when using search form from an union
  • Organization criterion from selected silo is now read-only


  • Fix dashboard edition when a bad OQL is present in dashlet 'Group By'
  • Fix new empty caselog entry on bulk modification of objects.
  • Fix bulk transition integrity exception when “org_id” was not checked.
  • Form prefill: Add possibility to change attributes flag on the fly
  • Fix external attributes selection on export form
  • Fix security message in the browser console (“Unsafe attempt to load URL data:image/svg+xml;utf8”)
  • Fix “Run Query” page hotkeys behavior in some configurations.
  • Fix ajax request uri too long on auto-complete
  • Fix auto-complete error on some attributes (“A DBUnionSearch must be made of at least one search”)


  • Security hardening
  • Fix default image of image attributes not correctly displayed in object forms
  • Fix “UTF-8 Characters Malformed” exception when using spanish language


  • Setup: Fix blocking error on backup failure
  • Setup: Change iTop 2.6 MySQL requirements from 5.5.3 to 5.6
  • Setup: Fix setup for PHP 5.5
  • Fix 'forgot your password?' link
  • Fix reset password link broken in emails (dictionary entries had wrongly escaped characters)
  • Fix Excel web queries import warnings. (JS script error popups)
  • Fix going back to ITSM Designer from a move to test
  • Fix audit when a current organization is set and there is an audit rule with valid=true
  • Update german translations


  • Fix PHP 7.2 compatibility issues
  • API: DBObject→GetOriginal() hardening (now support attributes not set: for example sla_tto_passed for UserRequest until it is closed)


New features

  • Deep rework of the search forms:
    • GUI to select a date range
    • Consistent feedback of the filter currently set
    • Possibility to search for Defined/Undefined values
    • Possibility to search on any field of a class
  • Dashlet Group By supports sum, average, min and max. Support of grouping on stop watches has been added.
  • Datamodel viewer entirely rewritten:
    • class selection tool (autocomplete)
    • graphical representation of the class and its neighbours
    • simplification of the list of attributes
    • re-sizable life-cycle graph
  • Export ongoing and closed tickets from the portal


  • Fix DataSynchro Group to allow management of DataSynchros through WebServices for non admin users
  • Fix CSV import : check if user has rights on imported class
  • Restrict the access to the REST/JSON web services to users having the profile “REST Services User”
  • Enabling search and access control by organization on User class
  • Supporting MySQL/SSL connections

Data corruption

  • Fix: the use of some Emoji, depending on you MySQL server settings, could cause your data to be truncated (e.g. losing an entire case log).

User Experience

  • Form prefill : Included Contract case in the datamodel.
  • Add support of AttributePhoneNumber which allows launch of phone application on click.
  • Set default search criteria for objects
  • Notification GUI: fix cosmetic issue and save state for the current browser (in the session)
  • When global searching with needles smaller than 'full_text_needle_min', exclude these needles from the search instead of stopping it
  • Exports (csv, xslx, pdf) “Localize Output” option lost when the export has more thant one chunk
  • Related objects count (tab title) not in line with the displayed list (always counting obsolete objects)
  • Failing to bulk delete whenever the scope query contains the % character
  • Added a conf params 'email_default_sender_address' and 'email_default_sender_label' that will be used if a mail has no sender set, to cope with Anti-SPAM systems
  • Could not add a second link (condition: have a date attribute on the link ; regression introduced in 2.4)
  • Portal: Ongoing tickets should be listed the same way as in the console
  • Portal: List of closed tickets not filtered as expected (high cardinality)
  • Portal: Added an information about file max size on forms
  • Portal: Fail to reset password when navigating from an email (hyperlink)


  • MariaDB: the backup could not be used (setup)
  • New requirements: PHP 5.6.0 and MySQL 5.5.3 (fix for the emoji causing data corruption)
  • Support of PHP 7.2
  • MySQL strict mode compatibility (5.7 - null replaced 0000-00-00 00:00:00 for DateTime).


  • Added an index on the ticket ref
  • Dashlet “Header with statistics” requiring less queries to be displayed
  • Now uses one count + group by query instead of one count query per grouping value
  • Avoid multiple count requests in the core API (DBObjectSet::Count)
  • Impact analysis: much better (and faster) processing of graphs containing loops
  • Suppression of obsolesence condition on Ticket (was impacting the performance)

Data model

  • Suppression of obsolesence condition on Ticket (See the chapter on performance)
  • Added “approved” state to the tto (time to own) active states


  • Setup: Display the XML errors on the screen
  • Make the deletion of a Synchro Data Source a bit more robust, in case of a missing or already deleted data table.
  • Dashboards: Unknown dashlets (eg. from an uninstalled extension) no longer raise an exception, a fallback is displayed and the XML configuration is still available in editor.
  • Setup on Windows systems: workaround for random behavior of rmdir sometimes failing though the directory is empty
  • Fix application being wrongly set to Archive Mode when it fails to retrieve an object from the database.
  • Cron automatically re-orders its tasks to make sure that every tasks get some time to run, even if a task crashes repeatidly or uses all the time slice to process a big backlog.


  • Update German translations, thanks to Lars Hippler from Itomig
  • Dictionnary error 'criticity' replaced by 'criticality'
  • Update portugues (brazilian) translations, thanks to Pedro Beck and Anderson Cardoso!
  • Update spanish translations, thanks to Miguel Turrubiates!
  • Reworking the list of User account fields displayed in Details and List
  • Run query : add shortcut in submit title
  • Configuration editor: add shortcut in submit button title
  • Documentation shown upon setup completion (Completing the iTop installation for workflow management): the file cron.params has been renamed into cron.distrib
  • Rich text editor: allow merging table cells (regression introduced in 2.3)
  • Portal: Remove copyright (iTop) from page footer


  • HTMLSanitizer : add wiki ref to white lists
  • Upgrade Silex library to 2.2 (Which is possible as iTop 2.5 requirements are now PHP 5.6+!)
  • Updated swiftmailer to v5.4.9: security fixes
  • Use only hashed server side information as the local storage identifier.
  • jQuery modernization : updated jquery to 1.12.4, jquery-ui to 1.11.4 and jquery-migrate to 1.4.1
  • Rename core english dictionary files to match standard convention.
  • Display of links now support both DBObjectSet and ormLinkSet
  • Enhancement of the data collection for iTop Hub: better detection of the web server version.
  • Linked JS scripts can now be used in ajax pages. This is useful for IPopupMenu extensions which depend on a JS script and are loaded asynchronously when a list of objects changes (for example when changing the target class for a search)
  • Proper use of the “304” (Not modified) HTTP header for InlineImages. Seems that FastCGI is more sensitive to incorrect HTTP headers than MPM…
  • PHPunit is now integrated through composer (inside the directory /test)
  • Portal: Update table's filter hotkeys to prevent unnecessary ajax calls


  • Form prefill : Allow to overload new methods in order to prefill search forms, creation forms and transition forms
  • Customizable access to the 'Admin Tools' (delegating administrative roles)
  • Add functions, order by and limits to the API DBSearch::MakeGroupByQuery()
  • New portal capabilities :
    • AggregatePageBrick: create subpage under the portal home page
    • ManageBrick enhancements: statistics added to the tile, set of data presented as charts (bars, pie) or a badge
  • Refined the user rights management (added the 'grant_by_profile' category) to enable the development of a user account management portal
  • Transition form: file not uploaded (blob attribute)
  • Portal: Add XML comments to document the standard portal design
  • Portal: Make sure the FilterBrick will be correctly displayed with default settings
  • Portal: Default object forms are now more like in the administration console instead of just having their fields one after another
  • Portal: ManageBrick lists are now ordered as specified in the datamodel definition (like in the console)
  • Portal: Error in ManageBrick (ongoing tickets) when grouping tabs on an attribute (instead of sub OQLs)
  • Portal: Allow for the customization of Contact scope (collision on XML ids)


This version has not been published as a Community package, but its fixes are included in the 2.5.0


  • CSV import : check if user has rights on imported class. Thanks to Vladimir Ivanov (from Positive Technology) who has revealed the weakness.


  • Portal: OQL optimization in ManageBrick when several UNIONs are used.


  • Performance enhancements for auto-complete widgets (speeds up both the display in search forms, and the response on usage)
  • Fix 2.4.0 regression when creating an object with a lifecycle, directly in a state other than the default one.
  • Audit: Performance optimization for AuditRule with valid_flag=true and lots of negative records
  • Header with statistics Dashlet: performance improvements


  • Restore compatibility with the data sharing extension



  • Portal: Support for MUST_CHANGE flag on CaseLog attributes in transitions.
  • Portal: Objects and external keys in linkedsets (forms) now have hyperlinks if access is authorized regarding the user's scopes.
  • Portal: Exception raised in BrowseBrick when one of the levels had no scope.
  • Portal: Add CSS/JS hooks on object forms for the current state: CSS class on <form> tag: form_object_state_<STATE_CODE>. HTML attribute on <form> tag: data-object-state=“<STATE_CODE>”

Console UI

  • Enable WYSIWYG feature in CaseLog / HTML attributes on transition.
  • Fix MUST_CHANGE flag behavior on CaseLog attributes in the console.
  • Allow email links (mailto) in HTML attributes.
  • Allow BLOCKQUOTE tag in HTML attributes.
  • Console UI improvements in details forms: Columns size optimization.
  • Tooltip on (none empty) String attribute so long value can be seen without scrolling to the end of the input.
  • OQL attribute displayed as Text/HTML attributes.“
  • Better ergonomics for “Add To Dashboard” popup window.
  • In console dashlets add a scrolling bar on list, if not enough width for content.
  • Restore Organization selector adaptive width
  • Fix AttributeEnum display as vertical radio buttons in console UI.
  • Fix dictionary typo in Notification header text.
  • Show/Hide Obsolete data in Audit based on user preference
  • Show/Hide Obsolete data in CSV export based on user preference
  • Include Archived data in dashlets when in archived mode


  • New configuration parameter (disable_attachments_download_legacy_portal) to disable attachments download from the legacy portal. Default is “true”!
  • Setup : add checks on PHP and MySQL version to warn for deprecated versions.
  • Enable data synchronization for applications classes (such as Localized Data).
  • Fixed losing the additional links attributes values during impact analysis update. The issue was only visible when attributes were added to the links (FunctionalCIs and Contacts).
  • Fix impact analysis relation upstream description.
  • Show “delete” and “bulk delete” rights in user's grant matrix.
  • New Context Tag on CRON background tasks.
  • Fix TemplateFieldsHandler::IsNull() for EmailNotification with no RequestTemplate selected.
  • Add ArchivedObjectException on MetaModel:GetObject().
  • Add ContextTag on CRON background tasks (eg. “CRON:Task:<CLASS_NAME_OF_THE_CURRENT_TASK>”). Introduced for the “Mail to ticket automation” extension, so we know when a Ticket is created/updated from an email.”
  • Regression introduced in iTop 2.4 : Unable to notify when a template was used with a linkset ($this→functionalcis_list$).
  • Fix regression in 2.4.0 where GET_LOCK is called with a name length greater than 64 characters on MySQL > 5.7.5.
  • Fixed “Notice: undefined index 0” in the portal. UserRequest/Incident::ComputePriority() was failing when attributes impact was still undefined.


  • Fix Backup very long to generate.
  • PHAR is not used anymore for the backup/restore feature.
  • The disk space necessary to create a backup is now limited to the size of the uncompressed archive + the size of the compressed archive.
  • All the temporary files are now stored into ““web/data/backup/tmp”” folder to avoid access rights issues on temporary folders.
  • Fixed check_backup reporting non existing file.
  • More logs added in case of error during the cron backup.“
  • Fix regression: check_backup.php always returning “missing backup file” in 2.4.0.



  • New Ticket Lifecycle: Enable a field to be requested or changed only on a particular transition, instead of on all transitions ending on a given state.
  • Move the “must_change” flag on transitions if you don't want the user to be forced to change a field on every edition in a state.
  • Display stimulus codes in the Datamodel page tab:Lifecycle
  • Fix Fatal error on transition with AttributeBlob or AttributeCaseLog

CSV import

  • Images and File documents can now be exported using CSV and Excel formats (the export provides an URL (with iTop authentication required) where to download the actual image/document).
  • CSV import of documents and images via URLs is supported (including URLs pointing to iTop itself). Administrators can also provide directly the path to a local file on the server.”
  • CSV Import now supports friendlynames as reconciliation keys.
  • Enable CSV import of request template fields
  • Fix: Ticket from emails: duplicated dictionary entries which was an issue on CSV import.


  • Email notification: new placeholder to provide the current user name in the body of the email, so the person who is triggering the notification who may not be the agent nor the caller.
  • Fix Notification: Date & time format is now applied when using a date(time) attribute in a placeholder (eg. Notifications). Note: $this→raw(attcode)$ can be used to display value in SQL format like before.

Conf & Setup

  • New configuration parameter 'allow_menu_on_linkset' (boolean, default value false) to display actions in linkset in view mode (new, modify, delete, …).
  • Setup: After a succesfull Setup, XML files are stored under /data with the complete view of the datamodel with and without delta.
  • Setup: Store user selection on setup, so AboutBox is much clearer for users, providing User selection instead of cryptic module names.
  • Setup: supports now changes of Configuration parameter: config db_charset.
  • Setup: New hook available after data load (ModuleInstaller::AfterDataLoad())


  • Backup: Backup files could not exceed 4Gb (technology limitation). The fix consists in archiving the backup as a tar.gz instead of a zip. As a consequence, installing iTop now requires TWO additional PHP modules: phar/zlib. The zip module remains mandatory because it is used in other places. The restore utility accepts both legacy zip files and brand new tar.gz files. DBBackup::CreateZip is deprecated in favor of DBBackup::CreateCompressedBackup. DBRestore::RestoreFromZip is deprecated in favor of DBRestore::RestoreFromCompressedFile (which autodetects the format for backward compatibility).
  • Backup: Allow database write access during a backup (can still be slow).


  • Support of PHP7, which divides by two the load on the web server
  • Internal emulation of apc(u), to divide by 5 the load on the web server (varies a lot, depending on the page, and cache hit ratio)


  • DataSynchro: Enable bulk deletion of Data Synchro Replica
  • DataSynchro: Creation and edition was broken due to the new object set API from ormLinkSet. Backward compatible method have been introduce to ensure plugins and modules compatibility. That being said they are already flagged as deprecated and should not be used. New: Using those deprecated methods will raise a PHP deprecated error.


  • Security: Portal OpenSans font embedded in iTop instead of fetching from google servers.
  • Rework on ormLinkSet BC with DBObjectSet. PHP notice are not thrown anymore, see PHPDoc instead. GetColumnAsArray() introduced.
  • Portal: Refactoring of const DEFAULT_COUNT_PER_PAGE in several modules
  • Reentrance issue on cmdbAbstractObject when coming from an extension implementing iApplicationObjectExtension.
  • Added an index to prevent a slow down when a lot of tickets have been validated by the mean of an approval process
  • Designer Connector has been revamped to avoid MTP temporary errors, diseappearing at the following Setup.
  • #1499: Regression in 2.4.0 beta: setup was failing with the message “cannot redeclare class XXXXXXX_0” when loading some extensions modules.
  • Fix: PHP Warning on not initialized variable $sHTMLValue in cmdbAbstractObject::GetFormElementForField().


  • The main menu “Helpdesk” could not be moved upward/downward by the mean of an XML delta (designer)
  • Internal: LoginWebPage title defaultvalue is now a dictionary entry ('UI:Login:Title')
  • Limitation: an a class having too many external keys, the update query fails with message “too many tables”
  • Cleaned up old datamodel (1.x) as it was no longer maintained and could not be upgraded.
  • Show product name on branding logo title instead of a generic “iTop” text.

Portal possibilities

  • Allowed portals are now displayed in the console user menu.
  • Portal: New “mosaic” browse mode for BrowseBrick.
  • Portal: Form layout optimizations
  • Portal: ExternalField support in forms has been improved. For example, email and url links were not displayed as proper HTML.
  • Portal: Only editable fields are now passed in forms submit, fixing issue where a portal user could unwillingly change the UserRequest status if a Support Agent had assign the ticket while the portal user was editing.
  • Portal: New filter brick that pre-filters a Browse or Manage brick results from the home page.
  • Portal: Linkset widget opening was throwing a warning message on IE9.
  • Portal: ExternalField support in forms has been improved. For example, email and url links were not displayed as proper HTML.
  • Portal: Option to display LinkedSet as opened in a form
  • Portal: Picture/Preferences/Password forms can now be disabled in the user profile
  • Portal: Notification URLs poiting to a portal were not working when several portal instances were configured.
  • Portal: Tabs in ManageBrick display the objects count.
  • Portal: Autocomplete fields were not showing all items when result count was below autocomplete display limit (eg. Showing only 2 elements out of 18 when display limit set to 20)
  • Portal: Added UI extension APIs similar to those used in the console (Experimental!)
  • Portal: ManageBrick tabs could show objects that were not supposed to be shown due to a bad OQL interpretation.
  • Portal: Display / download of blob attributes and attachments in the portal was not compatible with portal configuration and silos by-passing.

Console User Interface

  • Improve UI in object details in the console.
  • CKEditor: edition of HTML source code is now available. Filtering on allowed tags by CKEditor himself then by iTop for security reasons will still apply.
  • Added some attributes to the HTML sanitizer (title for a tag, alt / title for img tag).
  • Display actions on linkset in view mode (new, modify, delete, …).
  • New option to create an object with the [+] button on external key pointing to an abstract class.
  • Existing value always kept while editing an ExternalKey field, even if not in filter.
  • Showing action in object details only when the target class is writable (Archive mode off, access mode “write”, …)
  • Impact analysis: UI Glitch in tooltip when text was too long.
  • Fixed UI in console edit forms that were going over their container sometimes.
  • Added scrollbars to modal dialog for CSV export.
  • Fix Stop displaying Ticket objects in a CI's ongoing tickets tab when the impact code is 'not impacted'.
  • Fix: Edition of an object with an ExternalKey on an object that the user is not allowed to see
  • Fix: concurrent access on n:n relationships when edited from both end of the relation or when edited from portal and console in parallel.
  • Fix: Date format handling in LinkedSetIndirect was causing fatal error on object edition.
  • Fix: Edition of an object with not allowed (silos) remote objects in a linkedset causes fatal error.
  • Fix: Hierarchy button when editing external key
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