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Revision history

Date iTop Version Description
2015-09-23 2.2.0 Added UNION queries, JOINs can now rely on object class/key couples
2013-05-22 2.0.1 Fixed #383: support negative numbers in OQL. Enhancements: support MySQL bitwise operators (&, |, ^, «, ») and hexadecimal numbers (up to 64-bit)
2012-12-14 2.0 Fixed Trac #558: properly parse strings containing hexadecimal sequences (i.e. 'QWERTY0xCUIOP'). Note that for now hexadecimal numbers are parsed but not interpreted properly
2011-09-14 1.2 Added the operator ABOVE and its variants (ABOVE STRICT, NOT ABOVE and NOT ABOVE STRICT)
2011-05-04 1.1 Added functions ISNULL and REGEXP, fixed bug #340 with paramaters in IN()/NOT IN() clauses
2010-09-20 1.0
2009-04-30 0.7.1 First release of iTop
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