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Configuring Obsolescence

How is it defined

  • Obsolescence is defined on a class per class basis.
  • A obsolescence condition is an OQL expression, using any field of the class, including those of type AttributeExternalField
  • Obsolescence condition are inherited from parent classes, but can be redefined on a child class.
  • If no obsolescence condition is defined on a class and none of its parent, then objects of that class are never considered as obsolete.
        <obsolescence _delta="redefine">
An object with its status undefined (= no value = ISNULL), is not considered as obsolete by default. If you want to have undefined status considered as obsolete then use this condition:
        <obsolescence _delta="redefine">
          <condition><![CDATA[status='inactive' OR ISNULL(status)=1]]></condition>


Based on object status:

   <classes><class id="Organization"><properties><obsolescence><condition>
        <![CDATA[status = 'inactive']]>

Based on object status combined with status of a parent if parent exists :

   <classes><class id="Hypervisor"><properties><obsolescence><condition>
        <![CDATA[status = 'obsolete' OR (server_id != 0 AND server_id_obsolescence_flag)]]>

Combination of status and delay:

   <classes><class id="Ticket"><properties><obsolescence><condition>
       <![CDATA[operational_status='closed' AND (close_date < DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 MONTH),'%Y-%m-%d 00:00:00') OR (ISNULL(close_date) AND last_update < DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 MONTH),'%Y-%m-%d 00:00:00')))]]>
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