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Import a linkset

What is a linkedset?

It is an attribute that represents a list of related objects. It is displayed as a tab in the details of the object. There are two types of LinkedSet:

  • 1:n - Devices on a Location : a Device is located in a single location
  • n:n - Members (Person) of a Team : a Person can belong to multiple Teams

Only n:n linkedset can be imported. You cannot import the related objects themselves, they must exist in iTop already.

Example: UserLocal has the attribute profile_list. This represents the list of profiles attached to an object UserLocal, by the mean of the class lnkUserProfile

All of the data input features do provide you with the capability to specify a link set:

What is the format?

Let's take an example. I would like to specify a list of profiles.

First, attach one single profile:

profileid->name:Configuration Manager

Profiles are attached by the mean of the class URP_UserProfile‚Üíprofileid. Here I have specified that the attribute name of the class URP_Profile must match 'Configuration Manager'.

Now, I want to keep track of the reason why this person has this profile:

profileid->name:Configuration Manager;reason:operations manager

Finally, I need to give another role to the same login:

profileid->name:Configuration Manager;reason:operations manager|profileid->name:Change Supervisor

Each and every link is specified independently for the others.

Each new link specification must be preceded by '|'.

Now I would like to specify a reason, but I need to use a character that is understood as being a separator:

profileid->name:Configuration Manager;reason:operations manager|profileid->name:Change Supervisor;'reason:manager ;-)'

The whole attribute specification can be surrounded by quotes.


In the configuration file, you can change the following:

  • separator between two items in the list: link_set_item_separator
  • separator between two attributes: link_set_attribute_separator
  • separator between the attribute name and the value: link_set_value_separator
  • qualifier for the whole attribute: link_set_attribute_qualifier
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