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Hardware & Software requirements

Minimum Hardware requirements

Your needs Our recommendation
Ticket created per month Console Users CMDB: CIs Servers CPU Memory Disk for MySQL
< 200 < 20 < 50k An all in one server 2vCPU 4Gb 10Gb
< 5000 < 50 < 200k Two servers: Web + MySQL 4vCPU 8Gb 20Gb
> 5000 > 50 > 200k Two servers: Web + MySQL 8vCPU 16Gb 50Gb

The minimum screen size for using iTop is 1024*768 pixels, but the higher resolution the better.

We recommend to use virtual machines running Debian 9 or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

iTop compatibility list

iTop Min required → Max supported Known Limitations
2.3.x 5.3.6 5.0
2.4.x 5.3.6 5.5.3
2.5.x 5.3.6 5.5.3 5.5
5.6 → 7.3
5.6 10.1 MySQL 8 not working, PHP 7.4 not working
PHP 7.3 supported from 2.6.1
2.7.7 - 2.7.8
5.6 → 5.7 10.1 → 10.4 MySQL 8 supported (not recommended for large databases !),
PHP 7.4 recommanded
IE9 no more supported
PHP 5.6 and 7.0.8 can work but not with all extensions
PHP 7.1.3 min is required if you use oAuth2 or extension Brute Force Protection
2.7.9+ 5.6 → 5.7 10.1 → 10.6 PHP 7.1.3 min is required
7.1.3 → 8.0
5.7+ 10.3 → 10.6 MariaDB is now preferred to MySQL
IE11 no more supported
PHP 8.0 supported only since 3.0.2
PHP 8.1+ not supported
3.1.x 7.48.1 5.7+ 10.3.710.6 PHP 8.1 supported
3.2.x 8.18.3 5.7+ 10.610.11 PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.3 supported


  • in bold: when the min or max version has changed since the previous iTop version
  • in italique: the highest version supported, when it is known

Web browser

Latest version of Chrome is recommended (Firefox is safe too).

  • Since 2.7.0, IE9 is no more supported
  • Since 3.0.0, IE11 is no more supported
  • Following versions of iTop will no longer supports any Internet Explorer versions

Web Server

Configuring your webserver

  • Apache Httpd: iTop packages contains built-in configuration for Apache Httpd (.htaccess files). Read more here : iTop and Apache HTTPD
  • Microsoft IIS: iTop packages contains built-in configuration for Microsoft IIS (web.config files). Read more here : iTop and IIS
  • NGINX: To configure NGINX properly, take a look at this dedicated web page : iTop and NGINX


iTop relies on Graphviz to produce graphical representations of the object's life-cycle as well as the impact analysis graph.

  • On Linux, graphviz is already part of the prerequisites defined above, so there is nothing additional to do.
  • On Windows: download Graphviz from the web site and install it.
You will be prompted to supply the exact path to Graphviz during the setup. The expected value is the the full path to the dot executable (named dot.exe on Windows). For example :
  • Linux: /user/bin/dot
  • Windows: C:\Program files (x86)\Graphviz 2.68\bin\dot.exe

DB Server

To select a database version, check MariaDB release notes by version and MySQL Documentation

MySQL 8 : although iTop supports this DB server since its 2.7.0 version, we recommend not to use it !
Indeed the query cache functionality was removed in MySQL 8, and this causes bad performances.
Galera clusters with multiple masters are NOT supported by iTop, because such clusters do not properly implement the GET_LOCK MySQL function (for more information: Galera cluster known limitations).
Some old MariaDB versions contains a bug that forbids iTop backup. See below !

MariaDB incompatibilities with iTop backup

With the following versions of MariaDB, iTop backup won't work:

10.5.x 10.4.x 10.3.x 10.2.x
10.5.7 10.4.16 10.3.26 10.2.35
10.5.8 10.4.17 10.3.27 10.2.36

The symptoms

When you perform this query:

MariaDB [sbacmdb]> select * from view_DBServer;

You get this error:

Error: Failed to execute mysqldump: mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show create table `view_DBServer`': You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '= 0 and `SoftwareLicence_softwarelicence_id_Licence`.`end_date` < date_format...' at line 1 (1064)

Root cause: This is a MariaDB issue, which was fixed in the following minor version.

Strategy: avoid those buggy MariaDB versions. Downgrade to a not impacted version or upgrade to the fixed versions:

10.5.9 10.4.18 10.3.28 10.2.37


  • Drop Views before doing Backup, Views are not required by iTop itself.
  • Cautious, a Setup will recreate the Views, so drop them again after that.

Views will be totally removed in 3.0, an optional free extension will be proposed for those still using them

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