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This service is used for data synchronization.

Invoke this service to import data and trigger the synchronization in one single step.

In case you have chosen to import the data directly into the synchronization table, then you just need to trigger the synchronization. Use the service synchro_exec.php.


php -q /var/www/itop/synchro/synchro_import.php --auth_login=john --auth_pwd=trust,no1 --data_source_id=1 --csvfile=mydata.csv 


Argument Description Defaut value
param_file Parameters file - see Parameters file -
auth_login User login - CLI mode only -
auth_pwd User password - CLI mode only -
data_source_id Synchro data source id Mandatory!
csvdata In HTTP mode, this argument must contain the data n/a
csvfile In CLI mode, this arguments must point to the file containing the input data n/a
synchronize If set to 1, then the synchronization will be executed right after the data load 1
charset Character set encoding of the CSV data: UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, WINDOWS-1251, WINDOWS-1252, ISO-8859-15 UTF-8
date_format Input date format (used both for dates and datetimes) - Examples: %Y-%m-%d, %d/%m/%Y (Europe) - no transformation is applied if the argument is omitted
separator column separator in CSV data (1 char, or tab) ;
qualifier test qualifier in CSV data
output retcode to return the count of lines in error, summary to return a concise report, details to get a detailed report (each line listed) summary
max_chunk_size CLI mode only, Limit on the count of records that can be loaded at once while performing the synchronization 0
simulate If set to 1, then the load will not be executed, but the expected report will be produced 0
comment Comment to be added into the change log
no_stop_on_import_error Do not stop the import in case of SQL import error. By default the import will stop at the first error (and rollback all changes). If this flag is set to 1 the import will continue anyway 0
Some issues have been reported with the simulate mode. This feature remains experimental.



Normal execution


Allowed users

Administrators will always be allowed to execute this page.

Non administrators will be allowed if they are marked as being owner of the data source.


Available since 1.1

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